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Friday, March 30, 2018 Alumni Weekend
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This Lectureship on Preaching is initially endowed and inaugurated by the families of Benjamin F. Reaves and Mervyn A. Warren for the perpetuation of the instructional preaching tradition in the School of Religion at Oakwood University. Inspired by the memory and influence of the legendary Calvin E. Moseley (MA), the first African-American teacher of preaching at OU from 1934-1951, and his immediate successor Clarence T. Richards (MA) who continued the class from 1951-1968, Warren (PhD, DMin) succeeded Richards in 1968 and Reaves (DMin) followed Warren in 1977. The homiletic heritage follows an unbroken line when you consider that Moseley taught Richards, and Richards taught Reaves and Warren both of whom served also as president of the university.

Adding the initial 17 years of Moseley (plus almost ten more after retirement) to the 21 years of Richards (plus several more after 1968) to the 26 plus years of Warren who continues teaching to the present 2017 to the 9 plus years of Reaves, and you have a conglomerate total of virtually a century of homiletic instruction at Oakwood University by these four beginning with Moseley. (Various other homiletic instructors over the years at Oakwood include Finbar Benjamin, James Doggette, Wesley Knight, Leslie Pollard, Russel Seay, and Jessie Wilson)